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Color Packs


If you have seen it in nature, you can find it here. No matter where you've been, we have a color to match your vision. With our standard and blended color options, there are many options available.


When you order a bag of our plaster, you will also need to order color, which you hand blend with the clay plaster to create the shade and consistency perfect for your project. The natural oxides and ochres used in our color packs ensure your finish will be naturally resistant to UV rays and will not experience the kind of fading normally associated with petroleum colorants and other finishes.

American Clay pigments are placed in individual packs that are pre-measured to be added to one 50 lb. bag of plaster (Forté Base, Forté Finish, Forté White, Loma™, Lomalina™, Porcelina™ or Marittimo™) or one 63 lb. bag of Enjarre™ plaster. Our 224 standard and blended color offerings can be used in all finishes except Forté White. Forté White can be used in its natural form for the whitest tone achievable in our plasters. This plaster can also be used with a select number of American Clay's standard Forté White color pigments - the "Illimuna Color Series."


Individual color packs will vary in weight depending on how much pigment is used to create that specific color. Our pigments are made in batches and every pack will have a batch number printed on the label. We do recommend using color pigment packs from the same batch. If this is not an option, simply batch multiple bags of clay plaster with the different batches of pigment in a large mixing bin to ensure color consistency.

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