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Our Products

Start by choosing your finish from one of our eight award-winning plasters: Forté Base, Forté Finish, Forté White, Loma™, Porcelina™, Lomalina™, Marittimo™, and Enjarre™. Then prepare your walls with our Primer Sand additive. Finally, add in your favorite color from our palette of 239 standard and blended color options.
Want to add some visual interest to your walls? Try one of our textural additives. Mica is a natural additive that is highly reflective and is used to add more shimmer to the surface of an American Clay finish. Straw is another natural textural additive that can be used to create a number of different styles including achieving a comparable match to the classic adobe finish. We recommend straw for use in all finishes except Porcelina™.
American Clay also has a variety of resources available to help with your next project. Pre-mixed sample bags of plaster, instructional videos, and color samples will aid you in becoming an expert in American Clay products.

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