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Basic Application Steps


American Clay’s application system has been developed so that a four step application process is all that is required to correctly apply our plasters to most surfaces:


1.  Substrate and General Preparation:

Substrate refers to the wall surface you will plaster over. This is the step to ensure you have everything ready to go so your plaster will be able to be applied on the wall without any issues.


2.  First Coat Application:

Our First Coat of plaster is either Loma (for Original finishes) or

Forté Base (for Forté finishes). Loma is used prior to applying Loma, Porcelina, Lomalina, or Marittimoplaster as your second, finishing coat. Forté Base is used prior to applying Forté Base, Forté Finish, or Forté White plaster as your second, finishing coat. In some cases, Enjarre is used as a Single Coat in our one-coat application system. When using the one-coat Enjarre application system, users can upgrade to one of our other plasters at a later time.


3.  Second Coat Application:

After you have finished your First Coat, a Second Coat of plaster is applied to the surface. If using Enjarre this step is an optional upgrade at a later time.


4.  Compression:

Compression is the final, and most critical, step in our application process. After the finish coat is completely dry, you must compress the plaster surface. The compression step stabilizes the surface, prevents dusting, and helps to even out color variations in the plaster. This process also makes the finish surface repairable.



General Application System


This method is ideal for first-time users but still creates professional-level results. The typical system primes most substrates with a Sanded Primer. This is followed by two coats of plaster. If using Enjarre, a single coat of plaster is applied.

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