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Repairs and Maintenance


One of the unique aspects of American Clay plasters is the repairability of the final wall surface. Because our plasters do not have a chemical set (like other lime, cement, or gypsum based plasters), the plaster can be rehydrated and repaired with a few simple steps. There is also no waste; excess plaster from the original application can and should be dried out for future repair use. This helps to ensure the color and texture of the repair matches the original plaster finish.

Below you can find video tutorials on common repairs and maintenance issues you may encounter with your American Clay walls.

The procedures outlined in the repair tutorials may appear like many steps, but the process actually goes very quickly.

VIDEO TRAINING: Repair and Touch-up Techniques                             VIDEO TRAINING: Maintenance Tip: Repairing Nail or Screw Holes






VIDEO TRAINING: Fixing Cracking and Crazing





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Pre-mixed Sample Packages of American Clay Plaster

Below are two helpful on-the-go guides to maintaining and repairing your American Clay walls.

If you have further questions or need clarification on anything, please call 1-866-404-1634 (toll-free technical support line) for more information.

Please note: The guidelines outlined in these instructions are provided as a source for general application procedures. We are not responsible for the results of your project. The only way to ensure a proper application is with due diligence on your part. If you have questions or are unsure of anything, please call 1-866-404-1634 (toll-free technical support line) for further information.

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