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"There is a magnetism around working with your products that I find is of therapeutic nature. Simply amazing and positively addictive."

  • Monica Binsfeld, Ecco Mi Design, California



"American Clay is so beautiful we show it to every client. It provides a healthy and gorgeous alternative to flat, boring paint. The thermal mass of American Clay also helps regulate the interior temperature of the home, offering a complete green product. They are a truly green company producing a wonderfully sustainable product."

  • Eric Corey Freed, Principal, organicARCHITECT, California

My experience with American Clay began five years ago when I purchased and installed this product in my own home. It started out as one accent wall in our living room and by the time we were finished had grown to the entire kitchen, living and dining. Since then we have incorporated American Clay into countless high end residential products and have received nothing but positive feedback from homeowners, designers and architects."

  • Anonymous, Architect, United States



"The confidence I have in the folks at American Clay is very important as an applicator. I have found that they constantly improve their products and process, looking for superior suppliers for starting materials and adding new products that make projects easier, and make my work more effective."

  • Deborah Hall, Artisan Applicator, LEED AP, and Owner, Hall's Walls, Colorado



"I use American Clay on the walls of my business and home as a way of self care. When my walls are healthy and breathing, so am I. When I am in an American Clay space, I feel alive and connected to the earth. The magic of American Clay is you have pure earth on your walls. You see, feel and sense the difference the moment you make contact with an American Clay environment."

  • Lorin, Businesswoman, New Mexico



"We wanted the space to be eco-friendly and American Clay was the perfect solution. The primary user of the room is my son. He chooses to do his reading in this room, and always seems to gravitate there to relax. Our decision to use this product in our childs primary space was driven by the health benefits."

  • Peggy, Parent, Illinois



"The walls of my business and my home are covered with American Clay as it is pure sensual luxury. Walls are like the skin on your body (house skin), when your walls feel good you feel good!"

  • Anonymous, Homeowner, United States



"This is an amazing product. I've found that using American Clay products in the North East is surprisingly easy and forgiving. My New York City clients love the elegance and comfort produced by the plasters natural look and feel (and so do their friends). It creates an amazing warmth and beauty not often found in big city homes. It transforms an interior into a work of art, and best of all, its affordable."

  • Ben Hagyard, Applicator, New York



"I no longer worry about fumes, cold joints, or time on the wall! Everything about American Clay makes my job easier and more profitable."

  • Anonymous, Applicator, United States



"The performance of American Clay, from both an aesthetic and durability aspect is exceptional. Damage is easily blended by rewetting and troweling, a luxury not possible with other cement types of plaster. There are many different textures and endless color options available making this a very flexible product capable of meeting the most demanding design needs."

  • Robert S. McRae, LEED AP, Highline Partners LTD., Montana



"American Clay brings to the design professional a remarkable option in wall surface treatment. New Mexicans have known the beauty of clay plaster wall finishes for centuries. I've brought the natural beauty of clay plaster into my home designs for more than 10 years and what has long been the province of highly specialized master craftsmen is now accessible to the greater building industry. Nothing can match the subtle visual depth and organic beauty of clay plaster."

  • Christopher Ferguson, Principal, Christopher Ferguson Design



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