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Natural Beauty


American Clay creates surfaces reminiscent of classic interiors throughout history. Bring the natural warmth and sunshine of Provence into your kitchen...take a bath surrounded by the tranquil and earthy feel of a Japanese to a vibrant Tuscan Villa every time you enter your dining room. Whether you live along the California coast, in an urban London townhome, or on a sprawling Calgary ranch, the possibilities are endless with American Clay.



Natural Alternative

American Clay plasters are a natural way to finish any interior. Non-toxic and made in the U.S.A., our plasters are a healthy alternative to paint, wallpaper, cement, acrylic and gypsum plasters. American Clay offers eight plaster finishes, hundreds of colors, unlimited textures, and a depth not found in other finishes.



Create A Healthy Room


Clay plasters help regulate humid air inside buildings by absorbing and releasing moisture naturally — responding to changes in the interior space. Warm to the touch in winter and cool to the touch in summer, our plasters bring healthier comfort to interior spaces.



Product Features and Benefits


American Clay’s Forté plaster line offers added durability. They are 10 times stronger* than the Original finishes!


Both Forte and Original finishes:


  • Eliminate the need to repaint year after year

  • Resist dirt and grime

  • Are easy to repair and clean up

  • Ship dry

  • Offer the lowest carbon footprint per pound of any interior wall finish

  • Resist fading due to natural mineral pigments

  • Cover a variety of properly prepared substrates/wall surfaces

  • Are derived from naturally sourced materials

  • Buffer humidity/moisture

  • Are Zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

  • Are non-toxic

  • Resist mold

  • Create a calming environment

  • Require minimal application training

*Average strength and durability results according to experiments completed by American Clay.



Cost Estimates


The following is an estimated cost breakdown of American Clay Earth Plasters. The pricing is based on per square foot cost of product only:

Forté Finishes


Forté Base

  • $1.98 to $3.62 (Average: $2.83)


Forté Finish

  • $1.91 to $3.34 (Average: $2.65)


Forté White

  • $2.25 to $2.35 (Average: $2.30)


Original Finishes



  • $1.64 to $2.87 (Average: $2.28)


  • $1.78 to $3.01 (Average: $2.42)


  • $1.92 to $3.15 (Average: $2.56)


  • $2.10 to $3.53 (Average: $2.84)


  • $1.53 to $2.75 (Average: $2.16)



For a complete breakdown with estimates based on materials and labor installed, including competitive materials, please download the Cost Comparisons and Coverage document below.

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