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Forté Plasters


Forté is the new line of earthen plaster by American Clay! Forté has been fortified to strengthen the application of the American Clay finishes.


Fortified — an advanced plaster formula, Forté is pre-mixed with a new breathable binder. Our newest finishes result in a healthy, beautiful wall treatment with increased performance and added hardness. Available in three textures, Forté is not only zero-VOC, but it is repairable, breathable, and heavy duty enough to handle vigorous every day living as well as commercial installations that require a tougher, reinforced surface.


Simple — mixing has been simplified. Add your favorite color pigment, water, and apply.


Choose your finish from one of our three fortified plasters: Forté Base, Forté Finish, and Forté White. Each plaster finish brings its own unique texture, feel and appearance.

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Forté Base


Forté Base is a base coat material which can be applied over a properly prepared substrate. Most surfaces require our general priming system which includes a specific list of approved primers to be mixed with American Clay's Primer Sand additive. Forté Base can also be used as a finish coat (in a two coat process) for those looking for a suede-like texture.

  • Forté Base is the base coat for our Forté Finish and Forté White plasters.

  • It is also used as a second finish coat over a base coat of Forté Base plaster.

  • Approximately 160 square feet per 50 lb. bag (per coat).



Forté Finish


Forté Finish is the strongest of all the American Clay plasters, allowing you to achieve a wall finish equally as sturdy as it is stunning! This plaster offers a soft, smooth, waxy texture.

  • Forté Finish is used as a second finish coat only, over Forté Base plaster.

  • Approximately 180 square feet per 50 lb. bag (per coat).



Forté Base and Forté Finish can be used with any of American Clay's color pigment offerings - all 224 standard and blended colors.



Forté White


Forté White is a pre-mixed plaster that is designed and formulated to be as white and bright in color as is "earthly" possible. For those desiring the classic and elegant appearance of traditional white plasters, this is the natural solution. This plaster can be suede-like or smooth and waxy depending on application technique and preference.

  • Forté White is used as a second finish coat only, over Forté Base plaster.

  • Approximately 200 square feet per 50 lb. bag (per coat).



Forté White can be used in its natural form for the whitest tone achievable in our plasters. This plaster can also be used with a select number of American Clay's standard Forté White color pigments - the "Illimuna Color Series."

Textures & Finishes


American Clay Earth Plasters can be finished to look like just about anything. Below are just a few examples of effects that can be created with our products:


Hard Trowel: Using a trowel to polish the clay gives it a smoother feel.


Skip Trowel: By not covering all of the base coat and letting some of it show through, you are skipping as much of the top coat as you would like. It can be a small amount or a lot.


Sponged: When you use a sponge to compress your wall, it gives it a suede look and brings out the sparkle of the marble sand.


Burnished: By burnishing, or highly polishing with a trowel, you are giving the plaster a very smooth finish. This technique is most applicable to Forté Finish, Forté White, Porcelina™ and Lomalina™ plasters.

Textures and Finishes

Plaster with Mica Additive: Mica is a natural additive that gives added sparkle to your wall. We have both large and small Mica.


Plaster with Straw Additive: Straw adds an earthy look to your wall, similar to adobe.


Artistic Finishes: Your imagination is the only limit to the number of artistic finishes you can create. For more examples of artistic finishes, see Artistic Information under Product Application or visit the Artistic Applications Photo Gallery.


For More Information


To learn how to recreate these finishes, see Product Application, Online Workshop, or Find A Local: Workshop.

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