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Custom Colors


Don't see what you need? The creation of our new color blends and increased standard colors have reduced the need for custom color, although custom colors are still available. If you need something more specialized, we can prepare a custom color for your project. Keep in mind that custom color packs often carry a higher price than our standard colors, so be sure to take that into account in your planning process.


We can match most colors (we have many of the large brand paint companies swatches and fan decks on file) or materials (like tiles, linens, etc.), although, using natural mineral pigments does lead to some limitations when attempting custom color matches. American Clay cannot

match highly saturated, vibrant, and extremely bright or white colors without compromising the plaster with an overload of color pigment. Bright aqua / turquoise, fire engine red, or extremely bright white are examples of colors that cannot be achieved in our plasters with natural mineral pigments alone.



Policies and Costs


Please take the following policy updates into account when deeming if custom colors are truly necessary for projects:

  • Minimum 10 color pack purchase (think at least 1,000 square feet of project space in one color)

  • Custom color pigment packs start at $50.00 per pack (final pricing will be determined after match is completed)

  • 2 to 6 week lead time for match and production of color packs

  • $500.00 non-refundable deposit due in full upon placing custom color order and balance paid in full upon shipping

  • No refunds or exchanges



How To Order


Please contact American Clay directly at 1-866-404-1634 to place a custom color order or if you need a color consultation.

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