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How Our Colors Work


When selecting a color, keep in mind each of our finishes has a slightly different look even though the color pigment is the same. Before any pigment is added, our plasters look like the "Base Plaster Color" called Snow Canyon (003). Simply add our pigments to the plaster to recreate any of our colors.
Our standard colors are only the beginning of American Clay's color offerings, we also offer blended colors which make it easy for you to create a perfect palette for your project. Just select a color from our collection to be mixed with the clay plaster.



To Achieve Standard Colors


Mix your selected color pack into one bag of plaster.

  • Example: 1 color pack of Sugarloaf White mixed into 1 bag of plaster will achieve Sugarloaf White.


To Achieve Blended Colors


Follow formula listed with the color name and mix with one bag of plaster.

  • Example: 1 color pack of Sugarloaf White + 1 color pack of Acacia mixed into 1 bag of plaster will achieve White Plains.


To Achieve Colors in the Illumina Color Series


Mix your selected standard Forté White color pack into one bag of Forté White plaster.

  • Example: 1 color pack of Seadrift mixed into 1 bag of Forté White plaster will achieve Seadrift.



Note: If using color packs with Enjarre plaster packaged in 80 lb. bags, a ratio of 1 1/4 color pigment packs to one 80 lb. bag of Enjarre is needed. The 1 1/4 color pigment ratio will closely match standard Loma colors. Standard color pigment packs may be used if measured properly, however, exact measurements can be difficult without proper equipment. To purchase pre-measured 1 1/4 color pigment packs, please call 1-866-404-1634.



Color Palette


To view the array of colors available with American Clay Earth Plasters, please download our Color Palette documents below (PDF).



Product Brochure


To learn more about our entire product line including the color palette, download our Product Brochures below (PDF). These documents are best viewed on a computer screen, however, keep in mind that every computer screen reads differently, which renders colors inaccurate. You may also request a physical copy of each Product Brochure below, mailed to you for free. Contact us or your local dealer for physical samples to aid in your color selection.



Color Samples


If you would like to see a color in person, we can produce and ship it to your home for review. In addition, small packets of the pre-colored dry plaster are also available at a low cost. To order, please visit our Online Store if you already know what you need. If you need a color consultation, please contact American Clay directly at 1-866-404-1634.


Color Sample Options:

  • Size: 6" x 6"  —  Cost: $5.00 for one or $25.00 for a set of five

  • Lead Time: Samples are typically produced within 2 weeks (not including shipping time). Orders for multiple sets of samples will require longer production time.

  • Samples cannot be produced for Lime Gauged finishes, Lime Washed finishes, artistic techniques, or for custom colors.

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