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Lime Putty


American Clay offers a pure high-calcium Lime Putty to be used in conjunction with our line of award-winning earth plasters. American Clay's ease of use offers Artisans a wide range of beautiful effects, and we are happy to offer these professional-level options to expand its possibilities. It can be used by trained homeowners, however, because of the issues with color, repairability and its natural properties we recommend only trained installers work with Lime Putty.


Additionally, this domestically-produced Lime Putty is one of relatively few on the market that is eligible for LEED points in the green building process.

Why Use Lime Putty?


Our Lime Putty offers a variety of features desired by many of our Artisans. Clay plaster treated with lime becomes readily acceptable as use as a  backsplash material in kitchen and bathroom projects. It is also an alternative way to increase the hardness of American Clay plasters making it more resistant to scratches and nicks.
Adding Lime Putty to American Clay Earth Plasters will increase the square footage of coverage by approximately 10%, improve the workability of our plasters — some people say it "spreads like butter", and broaden the range of color that can be obtained.



How It's Used


Lime Putty can be used by either adding it into the clay during the mixing process or by brushing it across the clay surface after application. For maximum effectiveness, both methods would be used together.
Lime Gauging: The addition of Lime Putty into the application system by mixing it in with the clay plaster produces a more durable surface, however, the color of the finish is lightened and brightened. Although, Forté plasters or Original plasters mixed with Up & EZ! / PlasterPlus cannot be used when Lime Gauging.
Lime Washing: The addition of Lime Putty by diluting it with water and brushing it across a clay surface produces a finish that is brighter in color and more resistant to water. Lime Washing can be used over any of our plaster finishes.

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