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Lime Putty Application


Using American Clay Earth Plasters with Lime Putty was developed for professional use only. It can be used by trained homeowners, however, because of the issues with color, repairability and its natural properties we recommend only trained installers work with Lime Putty. Visit our Lime and Color page for more information on how Lime Putty affects color.



Lime Gauging


By mixing Lime Putty into our clay plasters, a more durable surface can be

achieved, however, the final color will be lighter and brighter. Although, Forté plasters or Original plasters mixed with Up & EZ! / PlasterPlus cannot be used when Lime Gauging.



Lime Washing


By diluting Lime Putty with water and brushing it across a clay surface, a more water resistant finish will be achieved, however, the final color will be brighter and more vibrant.

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