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Our Recommendation


American Clay strongly recommends that you use Artisans / Applicators who have documented experience applying our products. Although many plasterers and other tradespeople can apply our product with impeccable quality, it is best that you use Artisans / Applicators whom understand the nuances American Clay Earth Plasters have, especially if your project is more advanced in nature.



Request Samples and References

We advise you to ask for references and a portfolio of projects for your inspection. You should always require a sample of the finish and color from your Artisan / Applicator. By approving these samples you can assure that they understand how you want your walls and ceilings to appear.



Find An Artisan


To find an Artisan / Applicator in your area, click to Find An Applicator.



American Clay Enterprises, LLC disclaims any and all liability and responsibility concerning the application of our products by the American Clay Registered Applicators. The registration process is meant to train the contractors how to best apply American Clay products and our guarantee is limited to the quality of the product and under no circumstances related to the conditions of application by the contractor. Participants of the American Clay Registered Applicator Program are not American Clay Enterprises, LLC agents and / or employees and they assume all risk of use, application and handling of American Clay Enterprises, LLC products. American Clay warrants the quality of our products. We do not warranty the installation. It is your responsibility to assure the application expertise of your American Clay contractor.

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