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Primer Sand


Priming of most surfaces (new wallboard/drywall or old painted walls) is crucial to properly applying American Clay plasters. Primer Sand is meant to be mixed with an approved paint primer and then rolled onto your wall. This creates tooth that aids American Clay plasters in properly adhering to the surface. The mixture of Primer Sand (a unique blend of light weight sand aggregates) and an isolating paint primer will produce a textured sand primer which will prepare your wall for plaster application.
Primer Sand can be used with both conventional and zero- or low-VOC primers. Below is a list of approved brands of primers:

Zero-VOC Primers:

  • American Pride or Mythic® Multipurpose Primer

  • Benjamin Moore® Natura® Interior Waterborne Paint (513) Eggshell Finish

  • Kilz® Clean Start™

  • Life Paint Company ENVIRO-LIFE® 100% Acrylic Stain Blocking Primer (EL-75)

  • Mythic® PRIME Interior/Exterior All-Purpose Primer (MP730)

  • Mythic® PRIME Interior/Exterior Premium Hide and Multi-Purpose Primer (MP720)

  • Mythic® Tintable Accent Primer

  • ROMA BioGrip Medium

    • Diluted per manufacturers recommendations to a paint-like consistency

    • American Clay Primer Sand additive not required

  • Safecoat® Transitional Primer

  • Sherwin-Williams® Harmony® Wall Primer

  • Sherwin-Williams® ProMar® 200 Interior Latex Primer

  • YOLO® Base Primer

  • YOLO Colorhouse® Multi-Purpose Interior Primer

Low-VOC Primers:

  • Benjamin Moore® Fresh Start® Multi-Purpose Interior/Exterior Latex Primer

  • BioShield® Healthy Living Paints

  • Bondz® Maximum Adhesion Primer

  • Sherwin-Williams® Multi-Purpose Water-Based Acrylic-Alkyd Primer

Conventional Primers:

  • Dunn Edwards® Ultra Grip™ Premium

  • Kilz® 2

  • Hamilton Coatings® Prep-Tex

Problem Area or Unknown Substrate Primers:

  • ZINSSER® Gardz® Problem Surface Sealer

  • Roman PRO-999 Rx-35® Sealer


You may also download this information to keep on hand during your upcoming projects.



Up & EZ!


Up & EZ! is an additive that is used as a binder to increase the durability in our Original plasters only (Loma™, Lomalina™, Porcelina™, Marittimo™ and Enjarre™). Up & EZ! will increase the workability of the plaster during your project and strengthen the end surface. It is added during the mixing process into the plaster. Up & EZ! is not required and should not be used in Forté plasters.
Up & EZ! is also available in a bulk version called "PlasterPlus". The volume packaging can save money on larger scale projects. Call American Clay directly at 1-866-404-1634 to see if your project qualifies for bulk binder pricing.

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